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Eben Kowler

I teach a blend of body-positive midwestern modern dance, bootleg ballet, improvisation, creative collaboration, and choreographic practice.

Everybody dances. It’s not about how "good" you are at dancing, but about how do you dance. Dance does not just happen on the stage or in the studio. It happens at weddings. In the club. In our homes. On the screen. Sometimes in the street. We can learn to dance in these places, or in the classroom, or in the studio, it’s all valid. The studio is only one platform. You don’t have to practice ballet to have good technique. You don’t have to do a double to be virtuosic. Your aspirations don’t have to be a professional. Everybody dances.

I come to the classroom with all my knowledge and experience to share, but ultimately students set the agenda through their enthusiasm or apathy. It is my job to create the conditions where enthusiasm can thrive, and students can take responsibility for their own learning.

Example Lessons

Teaching Resume
2008-2015 Congregation Shir Tikvah, Senior Sexuality Education Facilitator
2009-2013 In the Heart of the Beast, Teaching Artist
2018-2019 Words Can Work Facilitator, Conflict Resolution Center
Fall 2019 Kairos Alive!, Dance Pedagogy Practicum

Projects with: In the Heart of the Beast, Youth Farm, Young Dance, Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School, and Minneapolis Art on Wheels.

Teaching Philosophy