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Youngest Child ​(15 minutes), premiered at Red Eye Theater (Minneapolis, MN) in 2014 as part of Works-in-Progress in the New Works 4 Weeks festival.

Also performed in ​DANCEBUMS presented by Dancebums with special guests and Dance Bums ​at Theater Garage in 2014 (Minneapolis, MN) as part of MN Fringe Festival, and at Ice House in 2017.

This irreverent quartet playfully engages with the space while subverting expectations. The movement quality oscillates between earnestness and brattiness, culminating in a direct address to the audience pleading for listening and understanding.

Choreography - Eben Kowler
Performance - Margaret Johnson, Maggie Zepp, Kara Motta, Karen MacLean
Lighting Design - Søren Olsen
Music - Jefferson Airplane, LCD Soundsystem

Developed in the Red Eye Theater's Works-in-Progress

Responses from: Megan Mayer, Kenna Cottman, Theresa Madaus
Youngest Child (2014)

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