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I Have Filthy Habits​ ​(50 minutes), premiered at In the Heart of The Beast (Minneapolis, MN) as part of Puppet Lab in 2013.

Two siblings and an explorer cross paths in a terrarium. Weather patterns and behavior trends emerge, as three performers follow their habits into unknown and unstable territories.

I approached this puppetry performance through the lens of dance choreography. ​I Have Filthy Habits​ follows the encounter between an explorer and the two inhabitants of a terrarium-like environment created from mylar, tape, cardboard, dead houseplants, and a blended herd of toy cars, dinosaurs, and cows. The externalities of their routine actions lead to the environment becoming destabilized.

Margaret Johnson, Eben Kowler, Tom Woodling

Music composed and performed, Tom Woodling

Mentor director, Karen Sherman

Trailer shot & edited by Ben Hovland
I Have Filthy Habits (2013)

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