Eben Kowler // Digital Marketing Journeyman

Helping clients without enough staff, time, or know-how tackle their marketing goals. Everything from planning and creating content (blog posts, web pages, email campaigns, social media, advertising), archiving media assets, website migration, and database creation and maintenance.

Welcome to my barebones portfolio site! It’s not pretty, and it’s not mobile friendly – but it gets the job done. It’s classic the cobbler’s children have no shoes. Sure, I could shove it all into some wordpress template and call it a day – but I’ve got other things to do – like taking a furniture building class and going to the dog park.

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Search Optimized Content – Rubble Tile

From January 2014 to May 2016, I wrote everything on the Rubble Tile website. By consistently publishing new optimized content to the website and blog, I established Rubble Tile as the #1 search result for “Minneapolis Tile.” Rubble Tile also ranks highly for other industry and location search terms.

Role: Copywriting, editorial calendar, editing and resizing images, keyword discovery, on-page SEO

Tools: Photoshop, Wordpress, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Docs

Upton 43 Modern Midwest Restaurant Design – http://bit.ly/29YlmGT

Tempest Tileworks handmade ceramic tile product page – http://bit.ly/29Yl1UW

Bachelor Farmer Cafe interior design blog post – http://bit.ly/29YkGRU

Multi-channel Content Marketing – New Spaces

For nearly 3 years, I created search optimized content, educational blogs, and social media campaigns for New Spaces, a home remodeler in Burnsville, MN.

By working with their sales team to identify themes and narratives that resonated with their market, I was able to create and carry out monthly editorial calendars encompassing social media, email marketing, and pages for their website to help them meet their business goals.

Here is just one example of how I was able to create and distribute a single piece of content (5 Rules for Interviewing a Remodeler) across multiple channels.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the art of providing relevant, useful content to your customers without selling or interrupting them.

Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that make your customers more informed before they buy.

If you deliver consistent, ongoing, valuable information to your customer, the ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.

In the New Spaces newsletter (scroll to the bottom) - http://bit.ly/2aWb66p

On Facebook

And on www.newspaces.com

Vibrant Dance Group – Marketing DaNCEBUMS

DaNCEBUMS is a creative collaboration in the studio, but when it comes to business our strategy is to divide and conquer. As the CMO of DaNCEBUMS, I create our marketing plans, update our website, create and send our email newsletter, and manage our Instagram and Facebook.

DaNCEBUMS has been able to cultivate engaged followers by speaking in an informal and friendly voice, with a touch of humor.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Press, Web, and Email Marketing

“WOW” press release

Writer, layout, distribution


Tools: InDesign, Better Mail Merge, Google Docs, Google Sheets

“WOW” performance page



Tools: Squarespace, Photoshop, Google Docs

DaNCBUMS’ most recent e-newsletter (mobile friendly)



Tools: MailChimp, Photoshop, Bit.ly, Google Docs

Video Editing & Social Media

Choreographers Evening 2015 trailer

Video Editor, Videographer


Tools: Adobe Premiere, Instagram

3 Minute Dance Reel

Video Editor


Tools: iMovie, Vimeo

The Cat Move

Editing, Videography


Tools: iMovie, Facebook

Dance Improvisation Workshop – Event Planning and Promotion

I collaborated with Morgan Thorson to offer two 12-hour workshops in Skinner Releasing Technique. My role was to create and distribute a paper flyer, to promote the workshop digitally using email, Facebook, list the class in the DanceMN newsletter, managed enrollment, track attendance, and reconcile all income and expenses.

Tools: InDesign, Photoshop, Google Docs, Google Sheets

More Very Good Top Notch Work Samples

New Spaces - Mid-market Suburban Remodeler

Three Ways to Manage the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling -  This blog post fulfills New Spaces mission to providing remodeling education so that clients can make confident remodeling decisions.

Fun Multipurpose Basement - I wrote a lot of these project pages. This one has particularly good H2 headlines. In my opinion. Using notes from the initial client consultations, selections lists, and before and after photography I would write descriptions of projects as they were completed. Each page targeted search terms for remodeling, and communities were New Spaces does business.

Rubble Tile - Designer Tile Store Serving Interior Designers, Architects, Builder, and Upscale Homeowners

Mosa Colors - I used  companies’ marketing materials and product specification to create product pages to improve organic search rankings, and use as on-the-floor salespeople. Mosa is my favorite tile company - so sleek and modern. This page has a playful tone, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

AlysEdwards Mallorca - While Mosa alway had marketing materials with plenty of information, AlysEdwards had hardly a word to say about their products. I put together this page with with no source material except the images and the name of the collection and colors.

Skateboard Tiles  - I like the story behind these recycled skateboard tiles.

Modern Midwest Restaurant Design - Short blog post for a commercial/interior designer audience, highlighting Rubble’s experience working with commercial design and building professionals.

Southview Design - Award Winning Landscape Architecture

A Mindful Suburban Yard - I wrote this description of an Edina front and back yard using just the after pictures as source material. With some resourceful Google-ing, I was able to fill in the blanks and answer my questions about the project. After this piece of content, the client asked me to write 3-more project descriptions.

Paver Driveways - To create this page about this service, I had to research not just paver driveways – but other driveway options on the market. I selected images from the photography database and

Gonyea Homes and Remodeling - Luxury Custom Home Builder

Golden Valley Rambler - This page template has content in three areas - a written narrative, bullet points, and a slide show.

Kitchen Close Up - Most of these samples have been very text heavy, this one is simpler and lets the images (mostly) speak for themselves.

7 Rooms with Farmhouse Style - The internet loves a listicle, and who am I to say no? This is a simple blog post where the pictures do most of the talking.

DaNCEBUMS - Vibrant Dance Group

Interstitial Holiday Newsletter , DaNCEBUMS Perform!, BuMRAISER Recap -  I'm very proud of these newsletters. Of all the things I've written for the internet, these feel like they are the most authentic and written in my own voice.

moves4you2do - Full disclosure, the videography, choreography, creative vision, and editing of these instructional videos is not 100% my work. However, I am the the resident video x-pert for DaNCEBUMS. While the production value of the videos is pretty low, they were effective at building hype and cultivating our online following leading up to a fundraising event.

Eben Kowler // Digital Marketing Journeyman

eben.kowler@gmail.com | 612.849.9778 | Website | LinkedIn